Dear book lovers, 

Please take a moment to review our Chikiting Book Club guidelines. We hope that you will consider being part of our Chikiting Books community. For any queries, please send us an email at or contact us at 09778133110. 

What is the Chikiting Book Club? 

The Chikiting Book Club is membership-only club for young readers. Each member will receive a Chikiting Books kit of thirty to thirty-five books selected by the Chikiting Books editorial team appropriate for their age level. The cost a Chikiting Book Club membership is P1,200. 

What are the benefits of being a member of the Chikiting Book Club? 

Chikiting Book Club members will get their books as part of their membership at a special discounted rate. For example, if you buy our books at our retail price of P60-P80 each, the total cost of thirty books will be P1,800 minimum. 

Aside from the special rate, Chikiting Book Club members will enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Invitation to regular storytelling and activity/workshop sessions, featuring the titles in their Chikiting Books kit 
  • Invitation to book club discussions moderated by Vibal's Chikiting Books team 
  • Invitation to meet-and-greet with Chikiting Books authors and illustrators

Will members received ebook editions of the books? 

At the moment, members will only receive printed copies. We are in the process of developing an app and web-based reader for digital Chikiting Books. 

How do you sign up for the Chikiting Book Club? 

You only need to purchase the membership at our website. After paying for the membership and shipping fees for the books, please send proof of payment to and 

Once your payment is confirmed, your Chikiting Books kit will be processed for delivery. You will also receive a notification confirming your membership with the Club and will be provided with a scheduled calendar of club activities. 

Once my young reader has finished reading all the books assigned by the club, what's next? 

We will periodically update our book club selections to include new titles that are not part of the standard reading list. You will be notified once these curated selections (that will come with their auxiliary set of activities) are available for subscription.