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The Butterfly Who Did Not Want to Fly
Ang Sampung Bukitkit
Yummy Fly Pie
Why Do Birds Build Nests?
Uldok, the War Hero
Tag-araw ng mga Ibong Hilaga
The Crocodile's Trip to Lush
The Irritated Oyster
The Cardinal and the Cats
Pipit and The Kamagong Tree
Mousie Goes to Vigan
May Alaga Akong Butanding
Gumagapang, Lumulukso, Lumilipad
Ang Hardinerong Tipaklong (bilingual)
Tongka and Ebo
The Unicorn who Lost His Horn
The Lochness Monster
The Little Red Hen
Olive Ridley Home
Islaw, The Handsome Carabao
Ang Munting Uod

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