Chikie's Picks: Top 10 Books About My Loving Family

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I’m Chikie, and just like you, I love to read! I’m an avid fan of Chikiting Books by Vibal, and through this blog, I’d like to share with you my reviews and favorite titles.

 For my first blog, I’d like to feature books that are very special for me since they are all about family. As one of life’s greatest blessings our family is always there to show us unconditional love and support, through happy, sad, and amazing moments of our life. I’ve chosen my top 10 books that teach us the importance of showing love to and valuing our family members:

  1. Bilog ang Buwan sa Tanghali (story by Eugene Y. Evasco, art by Paolo Lim) - In a traditional Filipino household, little kids are encouraged to take naps during the midday to grow strong and healthy (I can relate! J). But how do you put kids so full of energy to sleep? This story reminds me of my Kuya since it shows how the eldest brother of the family solves this problem, but through the magic and wonders of storytelling.
  1. Laki sa Hirap (story by Luis P. Gatmaitan, art by David Joel Quindoy) - Growing up, Millet and her family did not have much. Things got worse when her Tatay got sick. I find this story very inspring because despite their situation, Millet’s Nanay and Tatay strive hard to keep her in school. This sparked a light in Millet to also work hard to provide a brighter future for her and her family. 
  1. Nasaan si Nanay? (story by Liwliwa N. Malabed, art by Ramil S. Vinarao) - Tong is on a journey to find his mother. He searches far and wide for her. Join him in this story that teaches readers that a mother’s love and guidance are everlasting and can always be felt no matter where we are.
  1. Mga Selyo ni Lolo Benicio (story by Eugene Y. Evasco, art by Ramsel Salvatus III) – Lolo Benicio was a great maestro. His grandchildren would come and visit him to hear about his adventures in far away lands. But how does he know so much if he has never been at sea or has never even been on a plane or ship? Has he really been to all the places he mentioned in his stories? I love this story because it reminds of my Lolo and our fun storytelling adventures.
  1. Noong Nakaraang Taon (story by Genaro Gojo Cruz, art by James Abalos) – A boy reminisces how he spent his birthday last year with his Lola. His parents are working hard abroad, so they celebrate on their own every year. He does not mind because his Lola always makes his birthday special. But this year, he has different plans to make his day a little more special for her beloved Lola.
  1. May Gulong na Bahay (story by Genaro R. Gojo Cruz, art by Paul Imbong) – A father and his daughter live in quite a peculiar house in Binondo. Where else can you find a house you can carry anywhere? One day, it suddenly disappears. Will they be able to find their way back to the place they call home?
  1. Kuya Enzo Finds a Way (story by Becky Santos-Gerodias, art by Kankan Ramos) – Kuya Enzo was once just “Enzo,” the only child of the family. After his little brother Anton was born, he’s brought nothing but problems for him. He has always wished to go back in time, but everything changes when he finds a way to solve this “little” problem of his. I also relate to this story when I became an Ate to our bunso. I surely felt the same feelings as Enzo!
  1. Anluwagi (story by Genaro R. Gojo Cruz, art by Pergylene Acuna) – Ino’s father was a famous carpenter in Daang-Bakal, but his family eventually had to relocate to Sapang-Palay. In this new place, there was no need for any carpenters. His father continued honing his craft, bringing Ino along on his jobs. With Ino’s growing respect for his father, he realizes the importance of staying true to your passion in achieving your dream.
  1. Bunsoy (story by Genaro R. Gojo Cruz, art by Leo Kempis Ang) – “Why did Tatay leave me and Nanay?” This is the only question Bunsoy has not been able to answer no matter how much homework he kept doing. Just like before, he needs Tatay's help to answer this question. He decides to write a letter to his Tatay. Although not everything is clear, his father’s reply makes sure of one thing—Tatay will come back. This story highlights the sacrifices of parents who work abroad to provide for their family and how their children cope with this reality.
  2. Klekluk (story by Lemuel Garcellano, art by Rev Cruz) – Arbi often comes home from school full of bruises on his body. He tells his mom, Aling Pacing, that this was because he had to fight a three-headed insect called Klekluk. But what is the real reason? Find out in this story about a boy who tries his best to protect his mother who is also going through her own painful ordeal.

There you have it, my first top 10 picks! I hope you enjoyed reading my first blog, and watch out for another entry next week. 

Remember to keep on reading and learning while staying safe at home. See you next week!